New EA UFC adds Nick Diaz to middleweight. I like the part in the video where Nick and Anderson Silva are just “going at it.”

Playstation TV is getting more and more tempting each day.

What happens when photographers get to play with photo mode in video games. Clumsy guy I am, I forgot to hide the controls. But good photos screenshots nonetheless.

Change The World (Eric Clapton cover) - Migz Haleco

One of the better covers out there.

Teens React to NES

well that made me feel old

Why he thinks the world should end is why I think that it should continue living now more than ever.

video by Prince Era

As far as I know, this isn’t the official reason why Starbucks baristas always mispell (-“mishear”) your name but his sense of humor aligns quite near with my own personal theory. 

But mine is more focused on the advertising side. Your mispelled name gives you a conversation starter for other people, something to share on social media, something to celebrate (-and also share) when spelled right. And what’s that? Free advertising for Starbucks. As long as people are talking about it, it will never stop because it’s so damn effective. Who cares if Starbucks is expensive, it’s talked about and that’s why people keep coming back.

It’s a bit like Apple’s strategy. Keep it expensive but keep it talked about, that way people keep buying.

Gameboy (abusrd-) crash test.`

Centuries - Fall Out Boy


Flea & Anthony - The Brothers Cup

7107 International Music Festival